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Ae85 vs ae86

Driftworks Forum. Joined: Oct 21, Posts: 25, Likes Received: 0. KE is my choice after a 2 door trueno but she isnt to keen on them unless they habe a 20v, 9j watanabe's, cage, stripped and buckets omg she will be the finantual death of me haha.

If you can get 1 for a few hundred then why not, a few k and TBH you could get a cheap 2 door or something. Easy to slap on a set of bike carbs Praaaaaap -Mechanical cable clutch, not hydraulic. No biggy? But why would you? A mechanical one will work just as effectively -Drum brakes rear disc conversion requires complete axle.

If you can fit AE86 fitment aftermarket parts then there is a wide range of bits available. All the more reason to bin it, as lets face it the stock interior is gash and the stock 86 seat I had in mine had no support, so I guess the 85 seat is just 2 flat pieces of wood with some cloth draped over it? Would be interesting to know if there are any other reason why the 85 is a bad car and equally how cheaply they can be bought for?

B, B sunnys. Nismo Hachiroku Master. Joined: Jan 6, Posts: Likes Received: 0. Another option would be to buy an AE86 in Europe.

You can get a well sorted one for your budget but it will be LHD, which really shouldn't be a problem if you know how to drive.

ae85 vs ae86

Joined: Apr 10, Posts: 2 Likes Received: 0. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.You could get it with one of two faces — a Levin fixed headlights or Trueno retractable ones — and the choice of two bottoms, a hatchback or coupe. However, one man is held responsible for catapulting the AE86 to being part of the zeitgeist.

He was a renegade racer. He got good at it. It instantly went viral. And crowned him the Drift King. But more than that, he captivated a generation, being immortalised in Initial D — a manga comic where the hero drifts a modded AE86 around the mountains delivering tofu. Firstly, the twin overhead cam inline-four is a delight.

But what happens if you need to deliver bean curd today? But GT86s are peaches if you enjoy the act of driving. Every mechanical control is extremely tactile and works off each other perfectly. Then you try to skid the thing and realise you can find its limits without fear and without having to go a bazillion mph.

But just like its predecessor, making it dance is all about manipulating the inertia of mass, rather than trying to get bhp to overcome the skinny rear tyres. So has progress been made? No, not at all. Here's how the Bugatti Veyron became a thing Bugatti built the first Veyron 15 years ago. Can you believe it? Big Reads.

Progress report: Toyota AE86 vs Toyota GT86

Big Read. Is this the moment EVs go mainstream?The name of this Corolla model was taken from one of the New Zealand venues of the Tasman Series motor races.

The first Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno of early were the high performance models of Corolla and Sprinter 2 door fastback coupe. They were powered by the 1. The other Levins and Truenos used the 2T-G high compression or 2T-GR low compression twincam engines with two double venturi side draft Mikuni carburettors.

Vehicles installed with the 1. With the second generation of the Levin and Trueno Sprinter there was a clearer difference between the two through design. In contrast to its predecessor this second generation of Levin and Trueno Sprinter was offered with a much wider array of engines and trim. In this generation, the Corolla Levin came with fixed rectangular headlights which distinguished it from the Sprinter Trueno with retractable headlights.

Like the previous generation, the Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno have different headlight styles. This is the last generation of Corolla Coupe in America. Additionally a set of Recaro SR3 confetti pattern seats could be installed as a factory option. This is the last series where the Trueno name was used, as the Toyota Sprinter was discontinued, the Corolla Levin continued to be made. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Subcompact car — Compact car — Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive — Front-engine, front-wheel-drive — Main article: Toyota Corolla E Toyota Motor Corporation.

Scion WiLL Toyopet. Categories : Toyota Corolla Toyota vehicles.Toyota manufactured the compact sports car from to If you are looking for a Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 for saleread the overall review to see what you are going to get.

Does the iconic car live up to the expectation of modern drivers? Professional racing driver Keiichi Tsuchiya aka the Drift King popularized the car by using it for frequent drifting in racing competitions.

A few years later, the enormously successful Initial D - a Japanese comic book series - skyrocketed its popularity.

ae85 vs ae86

But, is it worth to look for a Toyota AE86 for sale? Does the car can still match its iconic status? The company manufactured and marketed the model from to in coupe and hatchback versions.

They belong to the 5th generation Corolla range - one of the all-time best-selling cars in the world. The cars were affordable, lightweight, and versatile to accommodate numerous modifications - quite suitable as a racing car.

Progress report: Toyota AE86 vs Toyota GT86

It looks like a generic Japanese car from the s. The rear-wheel drive has retractable headlights unlike its sibling Levin that has fixed headlights. The interior has limited space. Toyota brought minor cosmetic changes inwhich resulted in slightly different-looking corner lights, headlight trim lights, front and rear bumpers, tail lights, and grilles.

Itsuki Takeuchi

Before shopping for a Toyota AE86 for saleyou should know that it is a small car that weighs only kg compare to the subcompact Toyota Yaris that weighs 10kg more. The small size and boxy dimensions mean the interior has limited space.

The back seats are mostly for decoration. There is very limited legroom in the passenger cabin for the adults to sit there. The front seats can accommodate grown-ups but forget about them if you are overgrown. Keep the dimensions in mind if you have planned to buy a used Toyota AE The 1. First of all, it is the famous Twincam 4a-ge engine, which was still in its infancy period.

But, it soon became popular due to its time refinement and revving capacity. The new technology convinced so many people that it became the base platform for many kit cars.

Its performance is more vigorous than the specs. The lightweight structure actually helps in this regard. The car weighs less than a tonne and it helps the engine to go up to 7, rpm. The car still provides a reliable performance. Once the engine achieves the right RPM, the transmission kicks in and the steering works without power assistance.

Driving the car is fun due to its decent engine power, long brake pedal, and responsive throttle. You will definitely enjoy how all the major controls and systems work together. However, turning around the corners is not a pleasant experience with this car.

As it has a rear-wheel drivetrain, the rear spinning wheel makes it awkward during quick exits and around sharp corners. Overall, buying a Toyota AE86 Trueno for sale is likely to be a good deal for those who like to drift. The simple mechanism and the classic RWD balance make its a dream for the drifters. Also, it provides a good opportunity to learn driving a rear-wheel drive.

Does buying a second hand Toyota AE86 affect the reliability factor? Well, Toyota is known for manufacturing reliable, safe, and user-friendly automobiles.Login — Register Advanced Search. Threaded Mode Linear Mode.

Post: 1. I'm about to buy a AE I've read about some of the differences between the AE85 and AE Basicly it's the engine, the lsd? Can anyone here specify the differences? The body is the same, right? So all the styling and such is the same? Thanks for answers. Post: 2. For both the difference is the engine, lsd and interior, however the AE85 does have a K tranny and the SR5 spec does have a T tranny.

ae85 vs ae86

For both cars you need to change the fuelpump, however you probably would need to change it anyway for a GZE swap. The body is the same, but on both SR5 and AE85 spec cars you don't have the two-tone panda color schemes.

Think that's about it. Post: 3. Is AE85 and SR5 two different cars? The car look really good, and I'm getting a good price on it. I'm kind of a newbe, but I'll figure it out. Post: 4. And the brakes are dfferent; front ventilated discs, and rear discs for AE 86, and front non-ventilated discs and rear drum type for AE Post: 5.

God I thought I knew plenty about Ae86's and stuff, I've been learning loads! Post: 6. Post: 7. The price on the page is not correct. I'm getting it for less than euro's. If I accept it, what do you think? Ok price for a nice car like that, remember I plan to change the engine and paint it. Post: 8. I payed about that amount for my AE Post: 9. Syns Wrote: Looks like it sais SR on the back, no 5 number?

Toyota AE86

Not sure what a K or T tranny is. It is also somewhat more luxurious in options, so it could have powersteering and airco but I doubt if that was included in the EU spec SR5. The tranny means transmission. Meshin: you are right about that, I forgot to mention that as well. That also means if you swap the axle as well you have to swap the brake balancer as well.Discussion in ' Automotive ' started by Shotgun ChuckSep 24, NA Miata - who will win, who will lose, who will care?

Shotgun Chuck Expand Collapse. Joined: Mar 6, Messages: 1, Just as the title says - who do you think would win in a circuit or mountain pass race between an AE86 and an NA? Myself, I have to go with the Miata because, well, it was designed as a sports car outright while the 86 started as a shopping car and was upgraded into something sporty later on. Also, doesn't the 1. So, who would win this titanic battle of MC Hammer-era sportsbuckets? Atomix Expand Collapse.

Joined: Dec 15, Messages: 1, Initial D Go watch it. Expand Collapse. Joined: Mar 18, Messages: Joined: Sep 13, Messages: 7, DrowsySam Expand Collapse. Joined: Jul 30, Messages: According to various internet sources, the time is basically the same.

Plus, whatever lap times I could find of the Nurburgring, the Miata was winning. Couldn't find much on those times though. You have to remember the 86 is older, and not as refined. I doubt they were making it with handling as their 1 goal either. I love both cars, I'm lucky enough to own a Miata myself, I love it. I would love an AE86 too. As for gear ratios on the Miata, they come out with lots of different ratios, mine is 3. I will most likely be upgrading to a 3. There's only one way DrowsySam's Miata vs.The AE85 shares its chassis and basic design with the famous AE86but while the AE86 was designed for performance, the AE85 was designed for economy and differs mainly in its engine.

It did not incorporate the hydraulic T transmission, nor the limited-slip LSD differential and rear disc brakes of the higher-performing AE86 version of the car. Both AE85 and AE86 were available in coupe or hatchback form, and also with the fixed headlight front Levin or pop-up lights Trueno. Because of their identical outward appearance, the two can sometimes be mistaken.

Its common-use is when privateer racing teams in Japan convert the AE85s into AE86s, because it's much cheaper ex. The word "trueno" is Spanish for thunder, and "levin" is Old English for "lightning".

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